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Be a Dragonfly Forest Hero

Help kids with autism and medical needs come to camp!

At Dragonfly Forest, a program of the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA, we offer a summer camp experience that allows children with autism and other medical needs the opportunity to have FUN and just be kids in a safe and loving environment.

Dragonfly Heroes is a fundraising platform where you can help us bring more children with autism and medical needs to the Dragonfly Forest program. All money raised supports children who qualify for financial aid attend our program.

Joining this website is simple! Just click on "REGISTER HERE" (upper left) and the rest is easy! If you're here to make a gift, the "GIVE" button in the upper left is the button you're looking for or you can search for an individual page by clicking "SPONSOR PARTICIPANT" in the upper left.

If you're here to fundraise, you're invited to create your own home page, set your fundraising goal, and personalize your page with photographs and information about your event. Donors will be listed on the "Honor Roll" and you will receive immediate updates on your goal.

Start a fundraising campaign today! It's easy and fun - please help us provide camp to some very deserving children.

"I think the most important part of camp for me is that i get to be me all the time and not feel like i don't belong. I also get to be with a whole different bunch of kids who also inspire me to always, and I mean always, love everyone even though they are different. " -Orange Unit Camper